46 minutes | Mar 3, 2020

How to Lead Your Organization Through Change w/ Marco Centauro and Steve Finch

There’s a piece of folksy, conventional wisdom everyone knows. It states: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


It’s a simple reminder not to change what you're doing when everything is going great. And, well, it’s flat-out wrong


When everything is going great is the best time to evaluate your processes and find out what it takes to level-up from great to awesome.


Because change is the only constant in life. And the world is going to change with or without you. 


Today’s guests, Marco Centauro and Steve Finch, are experts in change. 


As EMEA and North American sales directors, respectively, Marco and Steve supervised a massive transformation at Workday — overhauling its business model, revamping its tech stack, upgrading its prospecting methodology and restructuring its teams into verticals.


And they did all of this when the company was at the top of its game. 


Marco and Steve joined me today to share the secrets to leveling up an already successful organization. 


We talked about:


- Why you should make changes when you’re already successful


- Why culture eats strategy for breakfast


- Why leadership shouldn’t just be on board, it should drive the bus

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