22 minutes | Jun 2, 2020

How to Close More Leads Using Video w/ Charles Alexander

With or without a pandemic, today’s world runs on video. 


But that camera in your pocket doesn’t make you Fellini.


How can you close more leads with videos people actually want to watch?


My latest guest, Charles Alexander, Director of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, is an expert in explainer videos


He explained the secrets to cutting through all the noise on social media and getting your content seen by the people who matter.


Charles covered:


- Why video beats written content every time


- How to get your content noticed


- Why storytelling is so important


- Why you need to come out swinging in video content


This blogpost includes highlights of our podcast interview with Charles Alexander, at yourcharlesalexander.com.


For the entire interview, you can listen to The B2B Revenue Executive Experience.


If you don’t use Apple Podcasts, we suggest this link.

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