49 minutes | Apr 2, 2019

Flashback - The Challenges of Marketing and Selling to the Public Sector with Juliana Slye

In Juliana Slye’s long career throughout the private and public sectors, two things have stuck with her more than anything:

  1. “It’s not about me, or where I believe the market is headed. It’s really all about the customer.” At the end of the day, if the customer doesn’t want it, it’s not going to happen.
  2. “You can’t go against your DNA.” Whether personal or professional, you have to take that DNA and make that work for you.

Today, she is the CEO and Chief Strategist at Government Business Results, and she says that “there is no other industry that is more challenging, more compelling, and more risk/reward laden than working within the public sector.”

We interviewed her to learn some of the greatest challenges of marketing and selling to that sector.

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