26 minutes | Mar 17, 2020

Compromise Intelligence: A New Approach to Cybersecurity w/ Karim Hijazi

Cybersecurity is always a fun topic. Everyone knows it’s important, but most only do the bare minimum to prevent attacks.


Case in point: Whenever I ask people about their tech stack, they always list a ton of free addon apps they use.


What I hear is a list of vulnerabilities an attacker can gain access through. 


And most companies are completely unaware. 


But today’s guest, Karim Hijazi, sees these vulnerabilities every day. Karim is CEO at Prevailion, which provides a compromise intelligence platform that companies can use to monitor compromises to their system in real-time. 


We talked about:


- What a compromise intelligence platform is (and isn’t)


- Why fighting off attackers is asymmetrical warfare


- The future of cyber insurance

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