62 minutes | Feb 15, 2021

Episode 2: Mikey B from Smoked Bros Joins Us!

We return from our hiatus, been a very hectic two months and we apologize for that.  That being said we’re coming back strong with Smoked Bros Mikey B an SOF Veteran Owned business specializing in meat rubs.  So let’s talk about smoking some meats, some of the insanity that HR-127 holds, and what to look forward too from the industry as a whole this year!  So come on in and join us!Smoked Bros: www.smokedbros.comSmoked Bros Instagram: https://instagram.com/smokedbros​Smoke Bros Facebook: https://facebook.com/smokedbros​ Range University: https://www.rangeuniversity.com​Range University Instagram: https://instagram.com/rangeuniversity​Range University Facebook:  https://facebook.com/rangeuniversity​
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