64 minutes | Jan 16th 2018

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This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva speak on Shooting your eyes out, Bubble guts, Why is Patrick Star stupid?, Johnny Johnny the biggest liar in history, Lady Godiva hates CatDog, Am I a lesbian?, Is my girlfriend playing me? and much more. Free shipping on all Vans: bitly.com/awkwardvans THREE FREE MONTHS OF APPLE MUSIC:apple.co/2qcc9Iv This episode is also sponsored by GoDaddy. Save 30% trygodaddy.com/awkwardminority Sanquon "Don't Hurt Yourself" collection: Sanquon.com Two Eggnog's For The Road (Slug Line Story): http://www.wordsbyladyg.com/2018/01/slug-line-story.html Be sure to use hashtag 'TheAwkwardMinority' to join the discussion about this episode. Stay Awkward: theawkwardminority.com Twitter.com/MinorityAwkward Instagram.com/theawkwardminority Facebook.com/theawkwardminority Lady Godiva Twitter.com/arabicdream Instagram.com/wordsbyladyg Facebook.com/wordsbyladyg Jesus Shuttlesworth Twitter.com/JavarisIsOnMars Instagram.com/thesquiretales SnapChat: ASquireTale
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