114 minutes | Dec 19th 2017

Left The Struggle

This week on The Awkward Minority: Jesus Shuttlesworth & Lady Godiva speak on creative edibles, Fahrenheit 451, Shameless, Christmas moments, The pettiness song ever, Gang culture, What Happen To Monday, Eminem on Grinder?, The OG thot, Joe Budden out at Complex, Stalking by mistake, should've cheated?, and more. This episode is sponsored by GoDaddy. Save 30% trygodaddy.com/awkwardminority Sanquon "Don't Hurt Yourself" collection: Sanquon.com Lootcrate: trylootcrate.com/awkwardminority Fahrenheit 451: http://amzn.to/2BLCQZ1 So Shut Up That Nonsense About Some Silent Night (Christmas Playlist) http://www.planetofthesanquon.com/2017/12/so-shut-up-that-nonsense-about-some.html Creativity Owns the night: Vanilla youtu.be/pfXiXqojE9c Be sure to use hashtag 'TheAwkwardMinority' to join the discussion about this episode. Stay Awkward: theawkwardminority.com Twitter.com/MinorityAwkward Instagram.com/theawkwardminority Facebook.com/theawkwardminority Lady Godiva Twitter.com/arabicdream Instagram.com/wordsbyladyg Facebook.com/wordsbyladyg Jesus Shuttlesworth Twitter.com/JavarisIsOnMars Instagram.com/thesquiretales SnapChat: ASquireTale