41 minutes | Apr 27th 2015

Kenyon Salo, Founder of The Bucket List Life: Create More. Share More. Live More.

Kenyon Salo embodies the true meaning behind “follow your passion.” Six years ago he left a fast track corporate job in order to follow his dreams. After selling his businesses of 11 years to focus only on items that were 100% in alignment with his true path, he became the Life Change Agent and a Master Trainer he is today. His focus on adventure and fear-based activities has helped thousands of people find their true inner dreams by confronting their fears and tearing them down. With 4000+ skydives, 300+ BASE Jumps and over two decades of self development training under his belt, he has learned to master his mental states when faced with fears on all levels. He believes that only by facing our deepest fears and embracing the realization that death is possible, can we truly live. His deepest desire is to share these proven concepts with others. This drive to connect to others led him to start the Bucket List Life to help people fulfill their dreams and become agents of change in the lives of others. Connect with Kenyon Salo: https://thebucketlistlife.com Facebook Twitter
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