47 minutes | May 28, 2021

Gus Van Dender: Entrepreneurship. Passion. Impact.

An amazing story that starts with a 9-year-old Belgian Entrepreneur who grew up and traveled his way to the USA to hike and surf - only to end up delivering flowers. This was a pivotal moment in what turned out to be a life-changing opportunity that opened the doors to his current success!With Entrepreneurship in his blood, Gus Van Dender was making profits on the playground selling a high-demand toy - which got him kicked out of school and praised by his dad. Now, after running 7 businesses, Gus is the founder of Cnnected: a consulting and implementation partner of Facebook Workplace AND soon-to-be-released Jurni: A Saas platform that creates a hyper-engaged community for coaches and their clients who care about one thing, and one thing only - getting results.Don’t miss this inspiring episode where Gilad dives deep into the journey and mindsets that are responsible for Gus’s tremendous success and the strategies that got him there and continue to inspire him to transform the lives of others - even when he finds it hard to get up in the morning. PLUS!-The punch in the face re-aligned him with his purpose.  Time Stamps01:51 - Gus’s Story: 9-year-old entrepreneur to building businesses07:57 - How a struggling entrepreneur was Gus’s first BIG business 11:11 - Effects of a ‘Money Mindset’13:10 - The power of being driven by Impact16:14 - Perspective: Money is Energy17:18 - One Million Dollars is OVERRATED19:00 - This simple shift will make you more money 22:45 - A PUNCH in the face. 24:00 - Discovering how to exponentially impact more people 26:58 - Coaches vs business owners 31:14 - The secret to Gus’s charismatic happiness and energy 34:05 - How an ‘Ignition Statement’ can transform your life38:00 - Insightful advice for people seeking success42:05 - Why the worst part of training is the finish line 46:00 - How to connect with GusFollow Us!• Gus Van Dender on Facebook Gus Van Dender Facebook Group • Gus Van Dender on IG• Awareness of Success on Instagram• Awareness of Success Facebook Group• Gilad Hanina on Instagram
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