53 minutes | May 14, 2021

Emily Gough: The Rise of a Phoenix

Trigger Warning: Infidelity Today’s episode involves Emily’s intimate story of one Christmas Eve and a knock on the door that resulted in her 9-year relationship crashing down around her, and what’s more, she never expected to fly across the planet to Bali to rise again.With a BA in Criminal Justice & Psychology and certifications as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and holistic nutritionist, she unexpectedly found her calling in the digital world of Podcasts. Join Gilad and Emily in this inspiring interview discussing her incredible ability to build an empire from the ashes of her former life while overcoming heartbreak and betrayal through reflection, responsibility, and self-love. Get ready to dig deep into the mindset that allowed her to turn her partner’s infidelity into the best thing that ever happened to her. 00:45 - Intro to Emily Gough01:25 - Emily’s Story04:00 - Ditching Corporate 06:30 - The Real Pandemic: Mental Exhaustion08:30 - Humans are Batteries 10:15 - The Power of Little Habits12:35 - Awareness of Success14:45 - Get Clear on Your Definition of Success16:35 - Personal Development is Crucial19:00 - Confidently Unique20:20 - You’re Not The Person You Need To Be… Yet.21:21 - Emily’s Daily Habits of Improvement 22:00 - The Social Media Black Hole23:33 - I Just Don’t Want To! 25:00 - The Brain Science of Laziness27:28 - A Quote on the Wall 28:00 - An Act of Self Love29:00 - Christmas Eve: A Knock on the Door31:45 - A Completely New Headspace36:52 - Pockets of Trauma41:00 - Responsibility43:00 - Gilad Applies Responsibility44:44 - Self Trust Over Toxic Positivity48:10 - The Weight of Being Out of Alignment49:44 - Emily’s Final Advice: The Light is ThereResources:• Podcast: Room to Grow• Book: The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigalFollow Us!• Emily Gough on Instagram• Awareness of Success on Instagram• Awareness of Success Facebook Group• Gilad Hanina on Instagram
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