52 minutes | Sep 17, 2021

Anthony Trucks: Making Shift Happen with Former NFL Athlete

If you are someone who has read all the personal development books and taken all the courses only to realize your life hasn’t really changed much… You don’t want to miss this Episode of Awareness of Success Podcast with Gilad Hanina and special guest Anthony Trucks. Anthony is an NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior and International Speaker who has been featured in Success, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. Most importantly he is a loving father, husband, and man of faith, as well as a passionate dog dad. After facing a career ending injury and the loss of his mother, he suffered a life changing identity crisis which forced him to dig deeper than he ever knew possible to find out who he really was.  This is how he created “The Shift Method”, a life altering program that helps people close the “Identity Gaps” that are responsible for the shortfalls on their path to success.  Tune in to discover the details of Anthony’s powerful 3 step Shift Method that takes you from buying information books and courses to successfully implementing that knowledge in a way that is specific to you.    Resources:Identity Shift BookAnthonyTrucks.com Follow Us!• Anthony Trucks on Instagram• Awareness of Success on Instagram• Awareness of Success Facebook Group• Gilad Hanina on Instagram
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