57 minutes | Mar 5, 2016

Being Psychic And Dealing With Worry, and Fears

Have you ever guessed something about someone and found out later that you were right? Well this could be an indication that you are using your sensitivity to energy and using your inherent psychic abilities. Our guest this week is the director and co-founder of The Southern Californian Psychic Institute , Joel Hipps. br We will discuss what makes a person come in to a psychic institute and ask for help. br How a person can change their lives by using simple, fun tools in a six week class. br How a person can remain neutral to unfriendly influences in their life. br How a person can learn to master their psychic abilities in a two year clairvoyant program. br We will also look at how the vibration of worry and fear can affect a person's energy field, and contribute to disharmony in their life
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