25 minutes | Jun 11, 2020

Indie Artist Spotlight #7 - Alan Morrissey

If you're into hard hitting instrumentals, with a heavy dose of distorted guitar, then you're in the right place. If it's not your thing, I challenge you to have a listen anyway. The artistry will amaze you.  Alan Morrissey can shred with the best of them.


Fallout - A track inspired by the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, told from the reactor’s point of view. The song deals with the chaos, rage, refection and ultimately the ‘Fallout’ from the disaster, using heavy funk metal multi-tracked guitars to tell the story.    Re-Tox - A heavy bluesy number with Southern Rock influenced keyboards to give a Black Crowes meets Led Zeppelin vibe. A drifting rhythmic wander that dials back to the ‘70’s and 80’s.    Speed Pursuit - A heavy driving number that evokes the idea of high-octane driving, high speed police chases and high drama. Calling back to the late ‘80’s/ early 90’s heyday of British and American metal, the guitar sets the pace with fast syncopated solos, heavy riffing and unashamed solos that give way to a reflective outro.  ----more----   The tracks are from a 4-track EP called 'All Guitar', the cover artwork, which was created by my wife, is attached to the email along with a promo image I use. The EP was 100% written, composed, arranged and recorded by me in my house; drums are digital kits provided by Arnaud Krakowka https://arnaudkrakowka.com which were arranged by me, all the guitar and bass was written and performed by me.   Links to Alan's social media profiles and streaming platforms can be found here:  https://linktr.ee/loud_heavy_rock
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