13 minutes | Apr 29, 2020

Indie Artist Spotlight #1 - Karmaa

Welcome to the first installment of this segment, The Indie Artist Spotlight. Each week, we will do an episode that features 3 songs by a particular artist, with a little commentary in between. The hope is to help as many artists as possible gain more exposure, and find you, the fan.

Karmaa brings us 3 songs this week.

1. Honest (with Mateus Seth) from our collab EP "Hear Me Before I'm Gone" that talks about only wanting a one night stand. 

2. Thinkin On Ya (feat. Mateus Seth and WhoIsS.A.S) single that is a chill party track. 

3. WERKKK leading single from my upcoming 2021 album. Pride Anthem that is all about inclusion, equality, confidence and self love. 

I hope you enjoy these tracks, bad come back next week. I'll try to have some of the kinks worked out of my delivery by then. And don't forget the Artist Interview episodes dropping every Monday morning. 

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