34 minutes | Feb 17, 2020

Autonomy Talent Podcast - Episode 4 - Having a few Laughs with Nathan Hurd

Be prepared to laugh, as well as learn a few things about the cycles of social networks. Nathan is insanely funny, and I had a blast talking with him, as you will be able to tell. We discussed how one video was what set him on fire, on TicTok. There doesn't seem to be any real rhyme or reason to it when it does. Just keep putting out good stuff, and things will start to take off. It's then, up to you, to maintain that momentum. 


You can find Nathan at @NathanHurdComedy on Instagram, YouTube and TicTok, @NateHurdComedy on twitter


Intro music: By me

Outtro Music: Hollw Ma by James "Odie" Sailors. https://www.numberonemusic.com/defacto

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