53 minutes | May 25, 2020

#14 - A Modern Renaissance with Weimar

Another stand-out act from my adventures in playlist curation, Weimar is (in their words) and art rock band hailing from Manchester, UK. It must be something in the water, because it seems that half the great rock bands of all times came from one of 3 cities in the UK; London, Liverpool and of course Manchester. 

Aidan and I had a fun chat. He is a multi-talented guy. Not only a musician, but also an actor and a writer. Just goes to show, a true creative is always creating.  

I hope you enjoy. I will be featuring these guys in the Indie Artist Spotlight segment soon as well, so be on the lookout for that, but go check them out on their website and Spotify until then. 


You can find the guys of Weimar at the links below. I suggest you check them out. These guys are really good. 

http://weimarbanduk.com http://facebook.com/WeimarTheBand  http://twitter.com/WeimarBandUK  https://instagram.com/WeimarBandUK  http://soundcloud.com/WeimarTheBand  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRVRYJayyyN0Q46AA_74Aig


Intro music: By me - Bill Gelwick 

Outro Music: Hollow Me by James "Odie" Sailors. The full studio version of Hallow Me was just released. Find it at the link below: 


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