110 minutes | Apr 20, 2020

#10 - Music and Culture with Hipster Pug

The longest episode so far, we covered a lot of ground. From twitter, and the music community there, to music of all genres. Mr Hipster Pug Has 4 albums he has released in just 2 years, with another one due this summer. He explains why this will be his best work yet. And then we got on the topic of different cultures, since he is from Holland. Was a fun hang all around.


Hipster Pug on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5Jbne6elmGTK4Q5SGlvGBu 

http://twitter.com/hipster_pug_ and you can get one of his albums for free on his bandcamp page http://hipsterpug.bandcamp.com 


Intro music: By me

Outro Music: Hollow Me by James "Odie" Sailors. The full studio version of Hallow Me was just released. Find it at the link below:


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