21 minutes | Feb 28, 2020

Episode 019: Growth Mindset for Writers

Episode 019: Growth Mindset for Writers Sometimes our greatest hurdle, as writers, is our own mindset.  HA HA NO actually ALL THE TIME our greatest hurdle is our mindset. Too bad, so sad! There are a lot of factors that play into our mindset, some out of our control such as health issues, financial instability, family troubles, mental health, etc. and so on. But there is also a very large percentage of our mindset that literally comes from within, the part of our brain that is sending messages to us that we believe to be true.  Often, for writers, that comes in the form of believing we are not good enough or are unable to improve our craft. That “fixed” mindset tells us we are as good as we will ever be, that we’ve written as much as we can, or other lies.  Call it “resistance” or call it a “fixed mindset” or call it the devil on your shoulder, it can be a severe impediment to storytelling. In this episode I talk about psychologist Dr. Carol Dweck’s work on developing and maintaining a growth mindset and apply those principles to writing! Alchemical Lesson of the Week When it comes to writing, risk taking is factored in. Cultivate a growth mindset to overcome your fears and inhibitions! Links Brainpickings overview: https://www.brainpickings.org/2014/01/29/carol-dweck-mindset/ Dr. Carol Dweck’s book at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0345472322/braipick-20  Show Notes Today’s Alchemical Lesson: Growth vs. Fixed mindset (as it relates to writers) Reading book by Carol Dweck, opened my eyes to a lot of things about this issue Writers MUST have a growth mindset! a. The price of a fixed mindset (never finishing, never starting)b. Overcoming fear How to develop a growth mindset:Step 1: Learn to hear your fixed mindset “voice.”Step 2: Recognize that you have a choice.Step 3: Talk back to it with a growth mindset voice.Step 4: Take the growth mindset action. Most important: you have a choice in how you approach these issues! The post Episode 019: Growth Mindset for Writers appeared first on The Author Alchemist.
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