17 minutes | Feb 11, 2020

Episode 018: Secrets of Alpha Readers!

Episode 018: Secrets of Alpha Readers! Do you even know what an alpha reader is? Those of you who are involved in fandom might have heard of it, or at least know about “beta readers“, but I promise, this has NOTHING to do with Omega’verse plots!  Alpha readers have always been here, writers just usually referred to them as “a good friend looked over my ideas and gave me some great feedback” or “my friend loves my first draft and really encouraged me to keep writing!” An alpha reader is all of these things and more! They are, above all other things, an unshakeable supporter of your work. Criticism is valuable, of course, and necessary, but only at the right stage. Alpha readers help you get to there.  In this episode I break down what an alpha reader is, why they are so valuable, and what to look for (and ask for!) when vetting friends for the position.  Alchemical Lesson of the Week Writing is a lonely job; having an alpha reader helps inspire, motivate, and focus us along the way! Show Notes Today’s Alchemical Lesson: what, why, and how of being an Alpha Reader I’m enjoying being back in fandom-land again w/ Guardian and Nirvana in Fire — Remember that fanfiction is a practice! [what I’ve been writing] The term “beta reader” is becoming more widely known, esp. If you are coming from the fanfic community, which is where I first heard of it. Focus of beta readers is on plot dev, concrit Alpha reader: Very first reader Part cheerleader, part path finder (plot holes, character problems, etc.) Stress the UTMOST IMPORTANCE of encouragement, above and beyond concrit A good alpha reader: Knows you well Knows your writing and your goals Isn’t hung up on details (not the time!) – ie might not even be a good beta reader/editor Unrelentingly supportive The post Episode 018: Secrets of Alpha Readers! appeared first on The Author Alchemist.
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