19 minutes | Jan 28, 2020

Episode 017: Character Growth!

Episode 017: Character Growth! I’m going to do something different with show notes this episode! Down below the Alchemical Lesson of the week I will start putting my episode outline, the “cue card” I use when recording each episode. I cannot afford to have transcriptions made just yet (although they will get auto-transcribed when uploaded to my YouTube channel. Anyway, this week, I hope I get you to trust your characters and show you how important it is to allow your imagination to roam free, for their sake as well as yours! Alchemical Lesson of the Week Lean into, and trust, your characters’ development, whether at the outlining stage or as you write. Show Notes Today’s Alchemical Lesson: Let your characters change! Interesting post about a TW character (link in notes) on (where else) tumblr is about the choices we authors have to make about characters.  summary about Peter Hale, Teen Wolf The easy way out: Pro: it’s easy and if you are writing very strictly to genre expectations, might be your only choice. Bad guys be bad guys, yo’.  Con: very simple stories lacking complexity — characters can become flat and two-dimensional. Letting characters change: Pro: much more interesting, even if you keep the characters in a “zone” (good, bad, indifferent) for the sake of holding to genre expectations or simplicity. Can turn a 2nd rate character into a fan favorite. Con: characters and even plotlines getting away from you, losing control. And usually, a higher word count!  Another example: Loki.  As a pantser it should be easier for me to sway characters back and forth in the gray areas as I go, but no. Here’s the real issue brought up in the post: it is challenging and sometimes changes EVERYTHING.  How giving Peter a redemption arc would have dramatically changed the course of the show What are you scared of? Write into that. You can always back out! The post Episode 017: Character Growth! appeared first on The Author Alchemist.
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