19 minutes | Sep 17, 2019

Episode 016: The Writer’s Heroic Journey

Episode 016: The Writer’s Heroic Journey Everyone loves the “Hero’s Journey” as a writing tool to map out epic stories. It is also used as a self-help guide for analizing the story of our personal lives, allowing us to place our experiences into a map that lets us analize what has happened to us, how it has all affected us, where we are now, and where we are going.  In this episode, I bridge the gap between storytelling and your personal life story. Here, I take the classic outline of the Heroic Journey and apply it to your journey as a writer. It is the kind of metaphor that works at both the macro and micro levels, so you can use it to map out your experiences in your writing career AND to look at your experiences writing a specific story.  I teach you how to embrace that journey at every level as a writer, and the strength it can bring to your voice as a storyteller. It’s a long episode but I hope you find it enlightening! Alchemical Lesson of the Week Embrace YOUR journey! The post Episode 016: The Writer’s Heroic Journey appeared first on The Author Alchemist.
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