18 minutes | Apr 8, 2019

Episode 014: the Author Alchemist Origin Story!

Episode 014: the Author Alchemist Origin Story! This episode is a little bit of history, specifically my history as a writer, alpha reader, and creativity coach. If you have been wondering why I started this podcast, then this is the episode you’ve been waiting for! Or not, but here we are. I jump back and forth a little in my own timeline, and hopefully don’t bore you too much talking about 14 year old me writing fanfiction with my friends back in 1983 (yes, really!). The heart of this whole thing is that one of my joys as a writer is encouraging other writers. It’s really baked into my soul as something that is intrinsic to my identity as an author. I might be an introvert and a bit of a recluse (maybe more than “a bit”!) but even so, it’s my connections to other writers and the joy I get from seeing them create stories that helps keep me motivated! Also, being an “alpha reader” has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do the A/B/O trope okay? Just…just listen to the podcast, ‘kay? Alchemical Lesson of the Week Writers write better and write stronger when we support and encourage each other, and that’s what I’m here for! The post Episode 014: the Author Alchemist Origin Story! appeared first on The Author Alchemist.
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