54 minutes | May 7th 2020

TAS 093 : Jason Tay – Little bets pay off big on Amazon

Today I welcome Singapore-based Global Amazon and eCommerce seller, Jason Tay! So Jason’s journey started after he left his History Teaching job to create a business. Eventually discovering Amazon via a packet of noodles, he tried private label in 2013 and hasn’t looked back. Interestingly, in spite of his enormous success, he still places little bets; after all these years, the most he’s ever invested in a first product is $2,000. So Jason proves, you can start small and grow a big business with a small investment. He actually tells the story of how he got started with just $80. We chat strategies, marketplaces, tools and much more… Speaking of tools if you’d like to save 50% off your first month, or 10% off for lifetime access to Helium 10, visit www.theaustralianseller.com/helium10 Next week, I’m hoping to be on Danny’s Seller Sessions show where I’ll be revealing some of my own failed products for some giggles! Danny’s also helping to promote the upcoming and free Branded By Women event – our very own Regina Peterburgsky is participating – you’ll remember Regina from Women on Amazon FB group and podcast… She’s Australia’s Chatbot Queen! Now, don’t forget to join the Facebook family over at www.theaustralianseller.com/facebook and Don’t forget I am offering private coaching this year so please head over to www.theaustralianseller.com/chris to book an hour session with me to make sure you’re heading in the right direction with some accountability. https://www.jasontayonline.com/ The post TAS 093 : Jason Tay – Little bets pay off big on Amazon appeared first on The Australian Seller .
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