39 minutes | Feb 13th 2020

TAS 086 : How to get your products into retail stores with Timothy Bush

This week I’m joined by Timothy Bush from www.TLBconsulting.com where he helps brands get their products into retail stores throughout the United States.

Tim used to be a buyer for companies like Bed Bath and Beyond, Office Depot, Barnes and Noble, Toys R Us and a bunch more – before starting his own consulting company and an excellent podcast, On the Shelf.

In our conversation today, we discuss topics:

  1. Is Bricks and Mortar dying in the US?
  2. When’s the right time for an ecommerce Amazon seller to approach a B&M store?
  3. What are buyers looking for when considering to stock your products in their store?
  4. What kind of Margins do they expect?
  5. Packaging and logistics
  6. And much more…

Some announcements:

I’m holding a meetup here in Melbourne on Thursday February 27th at Wework, 120 Spencer Street Melbourne – Level 22 starting at 5.30.

The topic is a bit more advanced, using advanced Keyword research techniques to discover product ideas on Amazon – I’ll be throwing in a little bit of Brandon Young’s keyword competitive strategies as well as my own system for finding keywords and phrases with strong demand and low competition. It’s really simple, super effective and follows the basic law of economics, supply and demand.

It’s sponsored by Retail Global and Payoneer and there will be Q&A with a panel!

Visit www.theaustralianseller.com/global to get your free ticket.

Come with me to India! For the Delhi Fair in April. As you know Meghla runs the India Sourcing Trip tour www.indiasourcingtrip.com. Tim Jordan (currently running the Helium 10 Project X case study with Bradley Sutton) will be there as a coach, as will Gary Huang, myself, Marg Jolly and many others.

India Sourcing Trip April 13 – 20, 2020 / Delhi so Register now – time is running out, you’ll need to book a flight and get a visa, so get your skates on! Get in contact with Meghla at www.indiasourcingtrip.com.

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