55 minutes | Aug 20th 2020

From $350,000 in Debt to $200,000 in the bank using smart inventory management – Matt Hodge : TAS 100

Thanks for tuning into this, the 100’th episode of the show! I started the podcast in September of 2017 – 3 years ago almost to the day… Since then there have been 70,000 downloads of the podcast which works out to (obviously) 700 listens per episode! The show has a 4.9 star review rating on iTunes (very excited to see my first 1-star review this month – thank you to that person!) I don’t make any money from the show, there are no sponsors to speak of – it’s just for fun and the love of this business-model. These last few weeks have been challenging for me personally, and I want to thank everyone for their support. I am also in the process of exiting my main Amazon business, which is almost complete, and I hope to be able to share with you the story of why and how that has transpired in coming weeks or months. OK, so this week we’re joined my friend Matt Hodge, who appeared as my very first guest on Episode 2. Matt is nuts-busy (as you’ll learn from our chat) so I feel quite blessed that he agreed to come on the show once again. His 1st episode is also one of the most downloaded and commented on. Had to get him back. Today we go deep into everything, from how Matt has grown his business from low to mid-seven figures in the last 3 years, how he was able to go from seemingly making money on paper, but still finding the business in debt – to having cash in the bank, by changing his inventory management and ordering frequency.Of course we touch on Covid, Amazon’s latest inventory limits and much more… Matt’s latest venture Restock Revolution His Hop-on – Hop-off winery tours business in Adelaide Trail Hopper Couple of quick announcements & shout-outs! Please join my Facebook Group over at www.theaustralianseller.com/facebook to watch the replay! Don’t forget I am offering private coaching this year so please head over to www.theaustralianseller.com/chris to book an hour session with me to make sure you’re heading in the right direction with some accountability. ————————————– By the way, if you’d like to save 50% off your first month, or 10% off for lifetime access to Helium 10, visit www.theaustralianseller.com/helium10 – it is an affiliate link but it’s the only way I can offer a discount. Of course it also comes with FREE access to Kevin King’s Freedom Ticket Course which is normally $997 – best course around I think! Competition Management Software The post From $350,000 in Debt to $200,000 in the bank using smart inventory management – Matt Hodge : TAS 100 appeared first on The Australian Seller .
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