13 minutes | Aug 28, 2019

Episode 5: How to Insert a Menstrual Cup

Jackie and Tracy give you all the details you need to know about how to insert a menstrual cup, including menstrual cup folds, which direction to point it in as you're inserting it. Also find out how to tell if it's open, or not, and what to do if it doesn't pop open naturally. You can try the jiggle, finger around the rim or the twist tricks.Finally, find out if you need a different size cup, or not. You may need to consider taking the menstrual cup quiz to find the right size. And of course, the famous TMI moment.Links mentioned: How to Insert a Menstrual Cup: https://reusablemenstrualcup.com/menstrual-cup-faqs/insert-remove-menstrual-cup/Menstrual Cup Quiz: https://reusablemenstrualcup.com/buy-a-menstrual-cup/menstrual-cup-quiz/The Aunt Flo Show (submit your TMI moment here): http://auntfloshow.com
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