12 minutes | Apr 23, 2019

Episode 1: An Introduction to Jackie and Tracy

Jackie and Tracy talk about our experiences using menstrual cups, including the Diva Cup, Sckoon Cup, XO Flo and more, along with a TMI moment. Why do we love them so much? We've saved a ton of money, they're better for the environment and our health. Things mentioned in episode 1:Menstrual Cup QuizAunt Flo Show HomeEpisode 1 Email us: auntfloshow@gmail.comTranscript for Episode 1Jackie: Hi there. This is Jackie and welcome to the very first episode of The Aunt Flo Show. So, joining me today is Tracy. Tracy: Hi. Jackie: And we’re both are super pumped up about menstrual cups. We started a podcast just because we wanted to share the good news about menstrual cups with the world basically, and just help people make the best use of these products and save a ton of money and just experience, I guess, just better periods. Welcome. And we're happy that you're here. Tracy: Thanks for having me today. Jackie: Today, we're just going to kind of give an introduction to who we are and our history with menstrual cups. Then at the end, stay tuned for a TMI Moment, which we're going to have at the end of every episode. Kind of a funny story of menstrual cup horror, which everyone seems to have a little bit of.First of all, Tracy, when did you start using menstrual cups and why do you use them? Yeah, just kind of share some of that with us please. Tracy: Here's the situation. It was going to be my friend's wedding and I have a very heavy period and I thought, “I'm not going to be able to…” Oh, I forgot to say, I was a bridesmaid. So I was thinking, “I am not ever, ever going to be able to make it from her house, on the limo, to the ceremony and make it through this without having some major intervention. I talked to friend (and I actually wish I could remember who now) and they actually suggested me trying a menstrual cup. So, I grabbed one the period before and tried it and it didn't leak. It was great. So, I thought, “Okay, here we go.” So, my friend, Q’s wedding day and I used the menstrual cup and it was amazing. I made it in the limo, to the ceremony, to after the ceremony, through the pictures. It was amazing. And there was no turning back. So, it's been a game changer for me actually because I have been, um, especially in the first couple of days, basically tied to a bathroom. So, it's changed my life. I am able to actually accomplish things and it's also better for the environment. And I've saved a ton of money. Jackie: I know. Yeah, there's a ton of benefits. So, I'm super frugal. Tracy, knows this about me. It drives her a little bit crazy sometimes. But I used to live in South Korea (we both live in Vancouver right now).But when I was in Korea, one of my best friends and I used to go on bike rides all the time and she was doing a Master’s degree in marketing at the time. And she was doing a project on a menstrual cups. So, she started telling me about it and I was like, “What's a menstrual cup?” And this was in my early 30s. So, if you can just imagine all those wasted years when I had no idea that there was an option besides tampons. So, I immediately went home, bought one and I was like, “This is so crazy. I can save like five or $10 a period. And as Tracy mentioned, they have a higher capacity and I loved it. I was hooked since then. And this my friend told me there was no good websites about menstrual cup
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