65 minutes | Jan 21st 2020

205 - Author Neen James on our Attention Deficit Economy and Time Managing for Abundance

My guest for Episode 206 is Neen James. Neen is an international keynote speaker and author of the books Folding Time and Attention Pays™

Neen has been named one of the Top 30 Leadership Speakers by Global Guru several years in a row because of her work with companies including Viacom, Comcast, and Abbot Pharmaceuticals among others. Neen’s quick-witted boundless energy offers powerful strategies to pay attention to what matters so you can get more done and create more significant moments at work, and home. Neen engages, educates, entertains, and delivers real-world solutions that apply in your organization, home, and community. 

Some of the awesome topics Neen and I discussed from Attention Pays and her genius zone included:

  • Our attention deficit problem as a society
  • The Myth of Multi-Tasking
  • How to protect yourself against information overload
  • Time blocking and task automation tips to save time
  • Work-Life Integration vs. Balance
  • How she applies these core ideas as a speaker