50 minutes | Jan 22, 2021

AWOC: Another round on us!

 Welcome to our third ever “questions” podcast. The rules are simple: Each host gets three questions which have been kept secret from the other hosts. The reactions are real, raw and ill thought out, which is most of the fun! Some involve movies and streaming shows. Some involve modern conundrums. Others are just goofs, but it’s all right off the top of our heads. Enjoy!Follow us at @AWOCPodcast on Twitter, like us on Facebook and leave us a review. Fall down Chad’s movie hole at Microbrewedreviews.com and find him on Twitter (@chocomeundies), find Mike (@mikebockoven) at mikebockoven.com, and Steph is all over the place on The Twitter. Our email is atomicweightofcheese@gmail.com. As always, thanks for listening!You like podcasts, so check out the fantastic roster of shows that bring pleasure to your ear holes and, as always, thanks for listening.Episode 59 - Download or find on iTunes The Atomic Weight of Cheese is proud to be part of the Prescribed Films Podcast Network 
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