38 minutes | Jan 7th 2021

Skylar Thomas - Center Back Pittsburgh Riverhounds - Episode #64

Skylar Thomas is a Canadian professional soccer player who currently a player for the Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC in the USL Championship. Skylar is also the creator of Kick Deck. Kick Deck is a personal soccer trainer in a deck of cards focusing on technique, juggling, strength, and core. So sit back and enjoy the podcast!3.30: Who is Skylar Thomas4.30: Feelings When drafted by Toronto FC5.50: Differences playing in Canadian vs American cities8.00: Coping with losing in a professional sport.9.30: What is Kickdeck? Why Did Skylar start it12.55: Getting into the business of doing Kickdeck15.30: Misconceptions when experiencing being a professional athlete18.20: Sports that indirectly helped with soccer19.35: Life changes made when becoming a professional21.50: Rest/Recovery Methods23.00: Questions about Toronto Stereotypes24.00: Favourite city to visit/play in24.50: Additions to your lifestyle that has made you a better athlete26.10: Why was Soccer your sport of choice27.40: Advice for a 27yr old aspiring for a professional contract30.50: Growth in Canadian soccer34.30: The biggest piece of advice for next generation of athletes
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