37 minutes | Jan 14th 2021

Nikola Djogo - Notre Dame Basketball Player - Episode #65

 This week on The Athletes Podcast we welcome Nikola Djogo, A guard for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Men's Basketball Team. Nikola is from Hamilton Ontario and is the only Canadian player on the team, we had a great conversation with him, and hope you guys enjoy it! What's talked about in the podcast:3.30 When did you start playing basketball 5.30 Building your work ethic 7.10 Inspiration from Kobe and The Raptors 9.10 Passing of Kobe Bryant 10.55 Whats it like being a part of the Fighting Irish? 12.50 Biggest misconception you thought growing up 15.00 Recovering from Injury (Torn Labrum) 16.20 What helped the most in the recovery process 17.40: Importance of Academics and how it can be applied to Athletics 19.30: Transitioning from Canada to the States 21.30: Differences in American and Canada 23.30: Day in the life of an NCAA Athlete 25.30: Meal Prep to focus on gaining weight 27.00: Top 3 visiting arenas to play in 28.40: Fighting Irish name changing due to social pressures? 31.00: What's next for Nikola Djogo 33.55: Advice for Next Generation of Athletes 
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