47 minutes | Feb 4th 2021

Monica Aksamit - USA Olympic Fencer - Episode #68

This episode of The Athletes Podcast features Monica Aksamit. Monica is an American sabre fencer. She represented her country at the 2016 Summer Olympics where she earned a bronze medal in the Women's Sabre Team event. She was an amazing guest to have on and we hope you enjoy the episode!02:30: Thoughts on Clubhouse?04:00: Importance of Mental Health06:00: Thoughts When Asked to come on The Athletes Podcast08:00: What got you into Fencing09:30: Feeling when getting a full scholarship to Penn State12:00: Food at the Olympic Games 14:50: Camaraderie between Olympic Athletes18:50: Dealing with a Back Injury23:30: Bungee Jumping Experience26:30: Love for Disney Movies27:30: Harry Styles Turning down Prince Eric28:30: Importance of Warming Up30:00: Routine as a Fencer31:30: Traveling Spots Post Pandemic35:00: Feelings about Being On Podcasts37:30: What's next for Monica Aksamit39:30: What Kind of Fruit is Monica Aksamit41:30: Polish Views of America 43:00: Why you chose Sabre Fencing46:30: Piece of Advice for Future Athletes
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