52 minutes | Feb 25th 2021

Mikey Taylor - Pro Skateboarder/Entrepreneur - Episode #71

This episode of The Athletes Podcast features Mikey Taylor. Taylor is a professional skateboarder, entrepreneur, and the President of Commune Capital. Truly an amazing guest to have on the podcast and we had a wonderful conversation with him. Hope you all enjoy it!6:20:  What got you into skateboarding11:20: Heckling in LA when skateboarding14:20: Choosing skateboarding over college21:10: Methods used to achieve goals27:20: What is Commune Capital 32:20: Personal growth35:30: What did Tony Hawk mean to you?37:10: Best Christmas present ever received?38:40: Mikey Taylors morning routine43:00: Taylors thoughts on the Stock Market46:50: Biggest misconceptions going from amateur to pro skateboarder49:20: Single biggest piece of advice for next generation of athletes
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