50 minutes | Jan 28th 2021

Greg Taylor - USA Cancer Cycle - Episode #67

This week on The Athletes Podcast we have on Greg Taylor. Greg will be biking around the United States of America for Charity. He will be partnering with the Cancer nonprofit, Chemo Noir and its founder Katrin Casey. The Route Will Be:Jacksonville -> San Diego -> Seattle -> Maine -> Jacksonville​The entire journey will be 11,500 miles (18,510 km) and will take approx. 6 months to complete.3:30: Why are you doing this cycling challenge?4:30: Mental Aspect off This ride6:45: How do you mentally prepare?8:30: How did your family react to the news about your ride?13:20: What is your End Goal when you vision crossing that finish line?16:30: What are certain “Hiccups” you are prepared for18:30: How were the choices in building your bike made?20:30: What is your support network like?23:15: What strategies are you using to keep your focus during this long journey25:00: Who was Greg Taylor before this CrossFit/Bike athlete we have to see today?29:40: Mental health accompanied by being an Athlete36:00: What are some of your favourite destinations you will be stopping at?39:20: Where can people get involved?42:20: Piece of advice for the next generationInstagram:usacancercycleTwitter: usacancercycleTikkTok: usacancercycle Website: www.usacancercycle.com
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