44 minutes | Feb 11th 2021

Curtis Mitchell - Bronze Medalist 200m Event - Episode #69

This week on The Athletes Podcast features MR. 200, Curtis Mitchell. Curtis is an American track athlete, who specializes in both the 100m and 200m events. He was a bronze medalist in the 200m worlds in Moscow in 2013, and a USA National Champion in 2014. Definitely, an amazing athlete to have on the podcast. Hope you all enjoy it!1:00: Introduction1:30: Who is Curtis Mitchell8:30: What was life like before reaching the "Elite Level"  17:30: 2013 Men's 200m Final - Moscow, Getting Bronze23:40: Fun Facts of what can be done in 20 seconds 27:30: Clubhouse App28:30: Superbowl Recap - What does it take to be the GOAT?32:10: Foot Injury - What it was like physically & Mentally?37:50: How has Meditation Helped Curtis Mitchell?40:30: What is next for Curtis Mitchell  42:10: Single Piece of Advice for the Future Generation of Athletes?
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