54 minutes | Feb 18th 2021

Brad Keller - Kansas City Royals Pitcher - Episode #70

This week The Athletes Podcast features Brad Keller. Keller is an American professional baseball pitcher for the  Kansas City Royals in Major League Baseball (MLB).  We had an amazing chat with Brad, and loved hearing his story on coming up through the ranks. Enjoy the Podcast!2:00: Spring Training in Arizona4:00: Brad Kellers Journey to the MLB7:50: Looking back at the Minor Leagues11:20: What it's like playing with no fans13:00: Striking out Clint Frazier16:50: Pitching opening day for The Royals19:20: Pitching against the Braves (as a fan of them growing up)21:30: Method to calm nerves before a game23:20: What batters look for against a Pitcher25:00: Importance of being a multi-sport athlete27:40: Ideal foursome for a Round of Golf29:10: Looking up to John Smoltz31:20: Going to a football game in Michigan (The Big House)32:55: Kellers take on pineapple on pizza33:50: Kellers doppelganger34:40: Increased game time during postseason Gameplay35:50: What's the sports Atmosphere like in Kansas City38:20: Interest in sports cards/price of Mike Trouts signed rookie card41:35: Feeling of pitching at Wrigley & Fenway43:55: Pressures to perform at an elite Level 46:05: Biggest misconception prior to playing in the MLB47:55: What it’s like being in a pitching rotation50:10: Dealing with COVID-1952:10: Biggest piece of advice to the next generation of athletes
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