27 minutes | Jul 14th 2020

NextGen Venture: Jason Burke of TBD Angels

Without question, Boston is a global bastion of entrepreneurial dynamism and innovation, possessing a wealth of entrepreneurial talent and a large number of highly qualified angel and VC investors. Yet there has not traditionally been a central gathering place for these investors to come together to discuss and collaborate on deal flow.  In this episode of NextGen Venture: The Democratization of Private Investment, Jeremy holds a virtual discussion with Jason Burke, one of three founding members of TBD Angels, which has quickly become a mainstay in Boston’s super angel community. From the time TBD Angels launched in April 2020 -- in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis -- it has found immediate resonance among Boston’s angel investment and entrepreneurial communities, addressing profound unmet needs in both arenas.  This interview provides a fascinating look into how TBD Angels provides a much-needed forum for deal exploration and collaborative investment. Jason also details how TBD’s rapidly growing membership is providing value to startups that extends far beyond capital investment -- through active hands-on guidance and mentorship and high-impact relationship building.  Will the current societal crises the U.S. is confronting bring about a new normal in the venture investment world? Jason drills down on these crucial matters.  
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