18 minutes | Nov 12, 2021

Understanding the Emergency Vision Assurance System – EVAS

Chris Skurat, VisionSafe’s Director of Sales for the company’s Business Aviation sector, how the discusses how the Emergency Vision Assurance System provides emergency backup allowing the pilot to see, and fly the aircraft to a safe landing, when smoke evacuation procedures are not sufficient. The topics covered include:

  • Understanding EVAS and why it should it be considered a critical safety initiative.
  • Why a smoke hood or Heads Up Display does not provide the safety capabilities offered by EVAS.
  • Some of the more common situations that could cause blinding smoke to enter the cockpit.
  • What type of aircraft operator should consider acquiring EVAS for their operation?
  • Installing EVAS on your aircraft and the FAA’s position on the system.
  • How does EVAS impact an aircraft’s financial value?
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