41 minutes | Dec 17, 2018

TAAV 41: Erasing Shame with DJ Chuang

DJ Chuang is a strategy consultant, currently working with the .BIBLE ("dotBIBLE") Registry, a new top-level domain for all things Bible. He co-hosts the Erasing Shame podcast (erasingshame.com) and authored the book, MultiAsian.Church: A Future for Asian Americans in a Multiethnic World (multiasian.church). He has been blogging at his personal website [djchuang.com] since 1999 and also freely sharing connections to ideas, people, and resources.   Topics we cover in this interview: What is shame? What is the difference between guilt and shame? Can shame be healthy? How to be good listener when somebody reaches out to you for help How to reach out for help if you are struggling How Asian-American males experience shame Negative Self Talk  What to expect if you seek a counselor or therapist How religion can help and also perpetuate shame   How to connect with DJ Chuang: DJ’s website Erasing Shame Erasing Shame Youtube Channel     Email B.J. Kang at brian.kang510@gmail.com   theasianamericanvoice.com/podcast/41 "Like" our Facebook page for updates on future shows and other resources: https://www.facebook.com/TheAsianAmericanVoice/
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