60 minutes | Aug 16, 2016

TAAV 024: How to Launch a Top Rated Podcast with Jay Wong

Jay Wong is the host and executive producer of "The Inner Changemaker"; an award-winning podcast where he interviews modern-day changemakers on choosing legacy over currency. Jay is dedicated to working with purpose-driven individuals and passionate creators, helping them get their inner message out to the world in a BIGGER way. His podcasting strategies have been featured in podcasting conferences all around North America and his podcast was recognized by iTunes as the #1 podcast for self-improvement in 2015 as well as a nominated as a Top 10 Business Podcast for 2016. For the show notes page for this episode please visit: theasianamericanvoice.com/podcast/24 "Like" our Facebook page for updates on future shows and other resources: https://www.facebook.com/TheAsianAmericanVoice/
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