30 minutes | Oct 1, 2020

Inside ArtScroll Episode 9: Rabbi Yaakov Bijou

The newest episode of Inside ArtScroll features a special sit-down with Rabbi Yaakov Bijou, along with Mickey, Judah and Morris, three wonderful students from Yeshivat Shaarei Torah of Flatbush. Rabbi Bijou is the author of Let’s Talk Living Emunah, a book designed to get children, parents, and teachers speaking to each other about emunah! Let's Talk Living Emunah contains short and engaging stories, adapted from the bestselling Living Emunah series by Rabbi David Ashear, allowing children and adults to explore the wonders of Hashem's world and His Hashgachah Pratis. In this episode, host Rabbi Yitzchok Hisiger, Rabbi Bijou and the three boys conduct a “Let’s Talk Living Emunah” conversation from the pages of this unique book - talking, and living, emunah. Watch – and be engaged.

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