38 minutes | Jun 24th 2019

Hamaila Qureshi - Jeweler : Art Brings Beauty to Everything

Today, we get our first jeweler, Hamaila Qureshi. Her family wanted her to get an education to become a pharmacist, but it just wasn’t for her. Design was what spoke to her. A fascination with furniture design led her to woodworking and metalworking. When she was in art metals, her instructor noticed that she had been making a lot of bracelets and said, “Hamaila - have you looked into the jewelry department? I think you’d fit in well there.”
Almost as soon as she started making and wearing her jewelry, people started asking - when is she going to start selling? In September 2018, Hamaila launched her website.
She began working for Limbo Jewelry this year as a Jewelry Production Assistant which was a dream come true for her, having been a fan of their store and designs for years.
Hamaila has also been a volunteer for the non-profit, Liberty for North Korea - which helps North Korean refugees. And even has a TEDx Talk detailing the work she did and helping to raise awareness on this topic.
But there’s much more to her story, so enjoy my chat with Hamaila Qureshi.