40 minutes | Apr 26, 2020

45: Daniel Hill | The New Era of Marketing: Social Media and Voice-First

Daniel Hill currently works at Columbia University Medical Center and runs DanielHillMedia where he teaches small business owners how to use Amazon Alexa and Instagram. Daniel is obsessed with figuring out what grabs people’s attention and holds it. He hosts an Instagram podcast called “The Instagram Stories” and launched the first Instagram Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing where he gives daily news updates and answers questions.

In this week’s episode of The Artificial Podcast, Nick chats with Daniel Hill of DanielHillMedia about the changing nature of marketing, and why soon social media and voice assistant technology are going to become inexorably linked. Daniel talks about hos deep interest in Instagram and why he chose to start DanielHillMedia. Daniel and Nick talk about Daniel’s flash briefing and how it has helped him to scale is social media business while also helping to make him a thought leader on how to effectively market Alexa Skills in the Voice-AI industry. Daniel shares his thoughts on how soon we can expect to see social media and Voice begin to intersect, and how eventually Voice will be just as essential to a brands’ overall marketing strategy much like social media is today.

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