12 minutes | Mar 18, 2021

3 Secret Phases of KTC Camp Self Growth

KTC training camps are well known for being experiences where people break through past versions of themselves and step into a new level of self-growth and mastery on all levels. The differences in artistry, movement, and education are well known, experienced and established at the Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 training camps... something we don't often discuss is WHY we facilitate many of the experiences we host in the manner that we do.  Simply put... Level 1 is to help you FEEL Self. Level 2 is to help you feel OTHERS. Level 3 is to help you FACILITATE A PROCESS. Steps are not to be skipped, and are encouraged to be embodied when stepping into a new level. If you can truly master these 3 phases, you will be a great healing facilitator.  Dr. Jordan Fairley The Artful Chiropractor Podcast 
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