74 minutes | Oct 17, 2018

081: Shelly Davies: “Good Shit I’ve Learned” / Communicating like a HUMAN and learning to express YOU!

At 44 this year, Shelly Davies is living a dream she didn’t know she had – helping people live more fully, more authentically, and more in their truth.  She does this with a lot of laughs, her new traditional Māori chin tattoo, and a fair amount of curse words sprinkled liberally through everything she does, even her website.  Shelly’s story is one of loving self through dead husbands, depression, obesity, single parenting, running an #accidentallyawesome business, and even, much to her equal dismay and delight, grandparenting. 

By brand, Shelly’s a “Rockstar Writing Trainer” - one of New Zealand’s go-to deliverers of business and technical writing training.  But boy, those engineers and government departments don’t realise what they’re going to get once Shelly’s in the room.

What they get is a lot of UNTRAINING – undoing all of the bad habits they picked up at university and through their careers.  With hashtags like #writelikeahuman and #authenticitywins, Shelly encourages research-based approaches to writing in more authentic ways, with a natural voice that increases confidence and trust.

For a really good kick-in-the-ass to loving yourself more and communicating more effectively, tune in when we’ve got Shelly on the line. 



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