23 minutes | Apr 29th 2020

Quarantine Confessionals with Mother Carra and Father Justin

Dearly beloved, this week we bring you a special edition of The Art People Podcast, brought to you by Quarantine Confessionals and Fusebox Festival. A couple of episodes ago Justin interviewed Carra Martinez where they discussed a special project they were working on for the virtual festival. If you missed it this past weekend…do not fret. We are sharing a couple episodes of the project today to hopefully bring you a little joy in the middle of the week. Warning: Content for mature audiences only (18+) Show notes: Fusebox Festival: Virtual Edition Quarantine Confessionals Call (512) 333-0471 and leave your confession now! The Art People Podcast is edited and produced by Justin Favela (@favyfav). Production assistance from Mindy Hale and music by Mike McDonald.  Follow us on social media @artpeoplepod and visit artpeoplepod.com for more episodes.
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