10 minutes | Mar 19, 2021

Communication and Healing | #042

Communication and healing is needed right now and the first place we can begin is with those closest to us. Our friends, neighbors, and family connecting in new authentic ways. By being fully present in what's happening, we hold sacred space for our own healing. Beginning to speak openly about how people are treated and understanding that we have the power to create change exactly where we are. It' about learning how to hold space, and being present in our life. It's so easy to retract, recoil and hope it will all disappear, or change without out having to participate. But by not participating in holding our own space for authentic communication and healing, we are participating in keeping things exactly as they've always been.  Thank you for  joining me in today's episode.> TheArtOfTuningIn.com> Studio Membership> Workshops & Retreats> Instagram: @Maria_Furlano > Facebook: @TheArtOfTuningIn > Linkedin:  Maria Furlano
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