34 minutes | Jan 12, 2021

Tech as Fashion: Do tools drive developer cultural change?

In software engineering, we often think about how the process itself, for example Agile or Extreme programming is what influences engineering culture.  But what if the tools themselves are what drives developer culture and have a much bigger impact than process on engineering culture ?In this episode of the Art of Modern Ops, Cornelia Davis sat down with industry analyst James Governor of Redmonk to discuss the state of DevOps, cloud native and what really drives developers to choose the tools they use.  “Sometimes technology is chosen by people based on their gut instincts rather than on facts,” says James Governor.  “Of course we all view ourselves as computer scientists, but often there are more than facts involved for why people gravitate towards particular brands.”  Listen to the  entire episode as Cornelia and James drill down on choosing technologies, testing in production and progressive delivery. 
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