42 minutes | Jul 20, 2020

DevOps Metrics - Success Follows Failure

Cornelia Davis (@cdavisacf) in conversation with Steve Wade (@swade1987) takes a look at GitOps, DevOp and the metrics used to measure your progress as a newly formed DevOps team.Steve Wade is the platform lead at Mettle, a fintech company in the UK that provides free digital business accounts that can help small businesses and the self-employed start, run and grow their business.Steve thinks about DevOps in terms of a process rather than a technology. DevOps to him is using automation to eliminate waste from development and platform management cycles. In addition to this it can be thought of as a type of systems engineering that when done effectively, enables information sharing across all business units. But to close those information gaps across an entire company, you need to make iterative improvements that can be easily measured and improved upon. Once you’ve identified those improvement areas the entire organization is propelled towards a much higher velocity.
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