44 minutes | Sep 29, 2020

Camille Fournier on Building Internal Kubernetes Platforms

For most organizations building an internal platform team can be a challenge when your internal customers are engineers and you don’t have any type of formal product management. How do you go about keeping up with the product side of things when you’re knee deep in Kubernetes, storage systems and configuration management and other frameworks for services? In this latest episode of the “Art of Modern Ops” Camille Fournier, Managing Director at Two Sigma and Cornelia Davis, CTO at Weaveworks discuss what it takes to build an internal platform within your organization. Many organizations might not think they need an internal product management procedure to identify the key features from their customers to prioritize and build into the platform. At Two Sigma the platform team’s customers are other engineers, who generally work on data engineering, building tools for financial operations, as well as for systems that trade in the markets.
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